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The Motion Sound KP SS 12 440 watt RMS (800W program) non-powered sub/slave adds some serious low end to your amplified tone. The SS 15 is designed to work with all Motion Sound KEY PRO amps, as well as most amplifiers using 7/8" Speakon inputs. This sub/slave includes an Eminence Delta 12" speaker, precision-tuned ported cabinet. Its enclosure is road-tough, with convenient side handles and a matching speaker grille cover to compliment our Keyboard amplifiers. Whether you want to add some in your face full range sound reinforcement, or some low-frequency punch to your keyboard sound, choose the SS-12!


Motion Sound SS-12 400-watt non-powered Sub/Slave Features:


  • 400 watts RMS (800 watts Program)

  • Eminence 12" Delta 12 subwoofer speaker - 8 Ohms

  • Eminence 3.5" Dynamic Driver - 8 Ohms

  • Precision-tuned ported cabinet

  • 7/8" Speakon input for Sub Woofer Option

  • Crossover: 100Hz, 12 db

  • 7/8" Speakon input for full range slave option

  • 2 Way Crossover: 2.5kHz, 12 db

  • Removable caster set

  • Dimensions: 19" H x 23" W x 16.5" D

  • Weight: 43 lbs.

The Motion Sound SS-12 gives your keyboard full range sound, or some real low-end thump!


Tech Specs


Speaker Size                                   1 x 12"

Total Power                                     400W RMS (800W Program)

Frequency Range                           54Hz-5Hz

Enclosure Material                        Ultralight MDF

Mounting Options                         Floor

Inputs                                             2 x 7/8" NL4MP Speakon Connector

Height                                             19"

Width                                              26"

Depth                                             16.5"

Weight                                            43 lbs.

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