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Motion Sound

JoeJy DeFrancesco



Jazzing it up with Motion Sound!


Joey's tour rig consists of three Motion Sound amplifiers that easily handle and accurately reproduce the entire spectrum of sound that Joey wrests from his keyboards. These three amps are set up as a stack during Joey's live performances, minimizing the footprint while maximizing the stereo spread of Joey's organ sound and tone, both from the amps and through the FOH system.


The amp on top is Motion Sound's KP-200S stereo keyboard amp, and is the main controlling unit for Joey's tour rig. It provides the independent left and right controls that Joey uses to adjust the volume, bass, mid, treble and Motion Sound's proprietary Spatial Expander for each channel.

The middle amp is Motion Sound's SL-200S, which is a 200-watt stereo slave amp with the same speaker and horn configuration as the KP-200S. It is directly controlled by the KP-200S via a 5-pin DIN (midi type) slave output connector. When Joey changes any of the KP-200S control settings, those changes automatically affect the SL-200S as well. The SL-200S has indents that fit the feet on the KP-200S.


The bottom amp is Motion Sound's SW-15, which is a 200-watt subwoofer. It contains a 15" speaker that Joey controls with the 300-100 Hz variable high cut control, the 60Hz 12 db boost/cut control, and the 45Hz 12 db boost/cut control. The SW-15 receives its audio signal via a 1/4" cable plugged into the KP-200S's 1/4" Subwoofer Output jack. The SW-15 has indents that fit the feet on the SL-200S.


Joey DeFrancesco is an American jazz organist, trumpeter, and vocalist. Down Beat's 2003 Critics Poll selected him as the top jazz organist.


Joey is considered by many an astonishing natural talent. Blistering speed, complete control of the organ at all times and a tremendous ear for harmonics. His repertoire runs the gamut from straight-ahead jazz to blues gospel and rock. He claims because of his father, he heard the music in the womb and when old enough to know--he knew the organ was his instrument.


Joey DeFrancesco has been credited with the resurgence of the Hammond B-3 organ in jazz.

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