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Motion Sound SL512


500W 4 x 10 Stereo Slave


Looking for a high-powered speaker system that can deliver exceptional sound quality for a wide range of musical styles and settings? Look no further than the Motion Sound SL512 Non powered slave.

Featuring a total power output of 500 watts RMS (1000 watts program power), the SL512 is capable of producing high-quality, dynamic sound with exceptional clarity and detail. Its two 7/8" Neutrik Speakon passive slave outputs for left and right channels ensure seamless integration with other audio equipment, while its 2-way crossover (2.5 kHz, 12 db) allows for precise control over frequency response.

With two Faital Pro 12" 250W drivers and two 3.5 x 3.5" 50w dynamic drivers, the SL512 delivers exceptional sound across the entire frequency range, from deep, resonant bass to crisp, clear highs. And with dimensions of 18" H x 26" W x 16" D and a weight of just 45 lbs, it's both powerful and portable.

When paired with the Motion Sound KP-612SX, the SL512 can produce up to 1000W RMS in full stereo, making it the perfect choice for professional musicians and music lovers alike.

So why wait? Order your Motion Sound SL512 Non powered slave today and experience the ultimate in high-powered, versatile sound reproduction!

Motion Sound SL512
Motion Sound KP612SX Stacked on top SL512
Motion Sound SL512
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