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Dr MaKeys

"Dr MaKeys" (also known as Dr Makis Tselentis) is a Hammond Organ player & Composer-Arranger-Sound Engineer & Music Producer.

    He was born in Athens-Greece on August 7, 1968 and started his occupation with music at the age of nine. He has been a professional in the music and production since 1986. In 1989 he created the first academic department of Music Technology at the Contemporary Athens Conservatory and in 1997 he created the technical school of sound engineering "Media Audio Visual". In 2005 he created the Hi-End Recording and Hi-End Mastering sound studio "Studio R-mic Athens", in collaboration with Mic Roussos.

   Since 1978 he has studied music, orchestration and composition as well as music technology and has a Master degree in Fine Arts and PhD in Acoustic and Sound Engineering.

He has been a professor at the Contemporary Athens Conservatory from 1987 until now.

   Dr Makeys plays Hammond Organ with the Band "2002GR". The "2002GR" is the oldest and most popular and multiple-gold and multiple-platinum album Pop-Rock Band in Greece. In 2019 the band celebrated the 45th Anniversary from their first released album.

  He has played Hammond Organ with Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions ex-Guitarist) and with Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne ex-Guitarist) at "Unity I".

From 1986 until now he has played with many Artists and Bands from Europe, Asia and USA and he is a member of music Bands: Velvet Gang (Hard/Heavy Rock), Weevil (Hard Rock) & Weevil "in Rock" (Deep Purple Tribute Band), Saints & Sinners (Whitesnake Tribute Band), Last Will (Rock), Buzz (Blues Rock), Power of Fusion (Jazz Fusion), Music Mafia Syndicate (Pop Rock), Nostos (South Rock), Hammond Trio (Jazz), Electra (Pop Rock)... and many others !!!

   In 2016 he formed the "Dr MaKeys Band" to support his personal music . 

The Dr MaKeys Band plays a Jazz-Rock-Fusion style with Ethnic and Minimalist musical elements.

On August 7, 2017 he released his personal album titled "ConFusion Minimale" and at the end of October 2019 his new personal album titled "Desert Hurricane" will be released.

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