Motion Sound KP-612S TOP FRONT


650-watt Stereo Combo Keyboard Amplifier


The Perfect Partner for Live Performance

Today’s modern keyboard sounds – whether hardware or software based – offer a wonderful richness and depth of sound that has never before been available. The challenge for performing musicians is to be able to properly bring all that wonderful sound to life in a live performance situation without having to haul around a ton of sound reinforcement equipment.

The Motion Sound KP-612S Stereo Combo Keyboard Amplifier meets this challenge head on. The KP-612S delivers the same deep, dynamic, lush soundscape to live performances that can be heard through a good set of studio monitors or headphones.


Powerful and Portable, Clean and Compact

The KP-612S, with its 650 watts** (RMS) of clean power at 250 Watts per channel, is designed to reproduce any modern keyboard sound with the level of clarity and punch needed to bring inspiration out of the studio and into every live performance.

** When using this option, the subwoofer signal comes from the left channel of the Power amplifier in conjunction with the woofer on the KP-612S which results in a 4 ohm load on the amplifier, thereby splitting power output to the 8 ohm 12” Woofer and also to the 8 ohm Passive subwoofer resulting in a total combined of up to 400 Watts RMS from the left channel.


Three Dimensional Sound

The KP-612S has a smooth rounded V-shaped angled cabinet design that dramatically widens the stereo image far beyond what you’d expect from such a compact cabinet. Plus, the stereo field can be further enhanced by taking advantage of Motion Sound's proprietary 3D Expander to turn the stereo sound into a real 3D image, bringing all sorts of motion and magic to your live sound.  



Motion Sound KP-612S Stereo Combo Keyboard Amplifier Features: 


  • 250 Watts RMS per channel continuous at 8 Ohms, **650 watts RMS Total Power available

  • Two stereo channels each with Volume, 3D Expander, Bass, Mid, and Treble controls

  • Two stereo pairs of 1/4" inputs on each channel

  • Master Volume control

  • Master Low Bass control

  • XLR mic input (mono)

  • Balanced XLR left & right outputs

  • 1/4" mono output

  • 1/4" subwoofer output (12 db per octave @ 300 Hz)

  • 7/8" Neutrik Speakon Passive Speaker/Sub Output

  • Two 12" Eminence Beta-12A speakers

  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18kHz

  • Two 3.5" Dynamic Drivers - 8 Ohms

  • 2 Way Crossover: 2.5kHz, 12 db

  • Dimensions: 18.5" H x 26" W x 16" D

Weight: 49 lbs.

Motion Sound KP-612S Side
Motion Sound KP-612 front
Motion Sound KP-612S

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